Silvia Tommasin

I graduated in Physics in 2006 and obtained the PhD in 2010 from La Sapienza Università di Roma defending two thesis with astrophysical subjects. The former work was about the project and realtization of an optical photodetector for star pulsations and the latter the infrared spectroscopy of AGN. To continue my research on active galaxies I moved to Tel Aviv University, where I understood to be interest in brain science. I approached neuroscience at the Hebrew University investigating single neuron recording in monkeys, to inquire how recent past effects present. Finally I reached fMRI studies at the Weizmann Institute with the support of a grant offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Center of Excellence. I worked on synchronous EEG-fMRI measurement in anesthetic-altered states and in this framework I was temporarily hosted by Fondazione Santa Lucia. From 2015 I have been postdoctoral fellow at Centro Fermi and worked on the dynamics of the blood-oxygen-level-dependent signal both during alternated periods of resting state and working memory task engagement, through functional MRI, hosted by Fondazione Santa Lucia.

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